Mainly transcriptions of presentations and class room discussions come under this category. However, there are quite a few types of services which need a specialized background.
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Interview Transcription

ITMatchOnline provides Business to Business outsourcing support in Interview transcription including one to one interviews, multiple participant interviews, group discussions, studies relating to any subject matter, research-based interviews, police interviews, legal interviews/depositions, telemarketing call recordings, marketing based interviews and research, focus group interviews, job interviews, industry or market surveys, business meetings, television interviews, radio interviews, journalist's interviews, press briefings, interviews or dictations for books and articles, psychological interviews etc.

Types of standard interview transcription offered by professional companies.


Everything is included in the transcript. This is a totally 100% accurate record of the submitted sound file, down to all the 'ums, aahs, ohs, and sorries'. No abbreviations or alterations are allowed

Intelligent Verbatim:-

A degree of discretion is applied by the typist. A common-sense approach will eliminate words not relevant to the subject matter. English is improved so abbreviations are changed to full grammar. This is a less expensive option to the above.


The typist has full discretion to edit and proof the transcribed work. The completed document will contain a readable summary of the subject matter. This report may be used as the reference for another article or project.

When the need arises for interview transcription, a high level of accuracy is paramount and is delivered by the interview transcription service providers associated with ITMatchOnline.

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